General Terms & Conditions for rental of equipment

1. The renter pays the rental fee in advance. The renter confirms that the rental equipment received is in good condition.
2. Upon request, the equipment may be collected after 16:00 on the evening before the first rental day. The equipment must be returned before close of business on the last day of the agreed rental period. In the event of longer usage of the equipment, the difference between the rental term paid for and the period for which the equipment was actually used shall be charged.
3. The renter is not liable for damage resulting from normal wear and tear, but is liable for any damage resulting from careless use of the rental equipment. In this case, the renter must pay for either the cost of repairs or the residual value of the rental equipment. The payment of this fee does not mean the acquisition of the product.

4. The rental charge includes a fee that covers breakage and damage.

5. A penalty of CHF 25 will be charged for broken ski poles.

6. In the case of stolen or lost rental items, the renter is liable for any costs exceeding the corresponding excess. In such cases, the customer is required to report the matter to the police within 24 hours and to notify the rental agency of the theft in writing without delay.

Cat. PREMIUM CHF 400.-
Cat. ECONOMY CHF 300.-

7. A change of category may be made at any time for an additional charge as per the price list and subject to availability. In the event of a change to a lower category, no price reduction will be made.
8. Rental skis are equipped with a security binding. The renter should note that even an individually adjusted binding cannot exclude all risk of accident. The ski binding is adjusted according to the client’s details and the equipment vendor’s instructions.
The following conditions apply to reservations made WITHOUT advance online payment:

9. We will hold your reservation until closing time on the reservation day. After this time, your reservation expires. Should you be unable to take up your reservation for any reason, please send us a short message.
The following conditions apply to reservations made WITH advance online payment:

10. In the event of a delay in collecting the rented equipment, the customer is requested to inform the shop concerned at the earliest possible opportunity. The reserved equipment will be held until close of business on the first rental day. After this period of time, the equipment will be released for rental without the customer being entitled to compensation.
11. Cancellation terms: The reservation may only be cancelled in the event of illness, accident or other compelling reason (e.g. death of a close relative or fellow traveller). The cancellation must be notified in writing. The hirer will make a cancellation charge of CHF 15.- for each person included in the reservation. The difference between the payment already made and the cancellation charge will be refunded to the customer without delay.

12. No refund will be made in respect of late collection of the equipment by the customer, of inability to collect the equipment for any other reason or early return. Adverse weather conditions or other impediments beyond the control of the hierer do not constitute grounds for withdrawal from the contract.

13. Should the customer suffer injury or illness during the rental period, the following conditions apply, subject to presentation of a medical certificate:
a) Reimbursement of the rental price is only possible if the rental equipment is returned to the rental agency immediately upon the occurrence of the injury/illness.
b) If point a) is satisfied, the overpaid rental amount will be refunded from the date of issue of the above-mentioned medical certificate. No refund will be made without a medical certificate.

Supplementary rental conditions for deposit boxes

14. The depositing of objects in the premises of the locker cabinets is only allowed inside a cabinet. Any material stored outside a cabinet can be removed by our staff and stored outside the building.

15. All personal belongings must be removed from the deposit boxes by the end of the paid rental period. After expiry of the paid rental period there is no longer any entitlement to the use of a locker. The tenant is responsible for the timely emptying of the rented locker.

16. The operator declines any liability such as theft, damage or loss of the objects stored in the deposit boxes.

17. No picnic is allowed in the premises.